How to Record Your Story

How to Record Your Story

Your story could inspire thousands of people to follow in your footsteps to tackle their debt-free journey. Recording your story is easy to do with three simple steps:

  1. Craft your story using our simple storytelling guide below
  2. Record your story using your phone in portrait selfie mode
  3. Upload your story using our user story submission page

Story Telling Guide

Use the following prompts in sequence to tell your story. Don’t read the prompts out loud in your video, rather use them as a guide for how to structure your video. Sharing some specifics about your situation will really help other people connect with your story.

What was the problem you were having before you found Debt Payoff Planner?

  • Describe the situation you were in
  • Describe the problem you were having
  • Describe what you tried before and why that wasn’t working

What was it like having that problem?

  • Describe the how it felt 
  • Describe how it was affecting your life

What was it about Debt Payoff Planner that helped you solve that problem?

  • Describe the aspect of the app that was the biggest help
  • Describe why that was helpful

Share a bit about the moment you realized Debt Payoff Planner was actually helping with your debt-free journey?

  • Describe the a-ha moment

What does life look like now that your problem is solved or is being solved?

  • Describe how your life has improved as a result
  • Describe how it feels

Who would you recommend should try Debt Payoff Planner?

  • “I would recommend Debt Payoff Planner to anyone who…”

Example User Story #1

This is a story shared by one of our users that follows the guide above and is a great example of sharing a few specifics that really make the story engaging. Share as much or as little as you are comfortable. Sharing no specifics is also great. The most important thing is to share 🙂

“Before I found Debt Payoff Planner, I wasn’t sure how or where to start paying off my massive debt that I collected over 2 years of $45,000. 

I was depressed and sad. I fell into pretty bad depression after realizing I had no idea how to start paying it back. I would always be tired, didn’t want to deal with people and hated my job since I felt it didn’t pay enough to pay it all back. I tried making monthly payments of double the amount of the minimum payments. That didn’t really work since the balances wouldn’t really go down by that much and I lost motivation.

One thing about Debt Payoff Planner that really helped me was seeing how much exactly I was paying per month in minimum payments and seeing how much extra I could give to a single account. The snowball method really helped motivate me since I could see the timeline and also seeing the balances one by one lowering by a lot was very motivating.

I think I didn’t really realize Debt Payoff Planner was helping until I was about halfway through my debt. I started in June 2020 with about $45,000 in debt. By September 2021, I was already at about $22,000 and that is around the time I realized that this app really helped me.

I am extremely happy now. I have had a problem with my foot for the past 3 years that required surgery and even though I am still at about $20K in debt, I felt comfortable enough knowing how I am going to keep paying my debt that I finally went ahead and had the surgery.

I would recommend Debt Payoff Planner to anyone who wants to payoff their debt but is finding it hard to figure out where to start or how to stay motivated”

Example User Story #2

This is story shared by another user. This story has fewer specifics than the first and is also a great example of how to follow the guide.

“Before I found Debt Payoff Planner, I did not know when I would have my debt paid off.

It was stressful to not know and keeping track of my bills wasn’t easy to keep up.

Debt Payoff Planner allows me to project when I will be debt free and what happens when I make extra payments.

I knew it was working for me when I realized I felt encouraged to keep making my payments.

Now that I can see an end to my debt, I feel relieved.

I would recommend Debt Payoff Planner to anyone who has a hard time keeping track of their bills”

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

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