The Three Reasons People Don’t Want to Budget

Debt Payoff Planner - The Three Reasons People Don't Want to Budget

Back when I was healing my own relationship with money, I encountered all sorts of resistance from others any time I mentioned budgeting. “Eh, I have enough money, I don’t need to track it.” Or on the other side: “I don’t have enough money to budget.” “Budgeting cramps my style,” or the reverse, “budgeting makes […]

Are You Afraid To Look At Your Debt?

Debt Payoff Planner - Are You Afraid To Look At Your Debt?

In my last post I wrote a bit about changing our perceptions about the inevitability of debt, but today I want to talk about a common problem people have with debt: Fear of looking at your debt. When you can’t look at your debt, it is impossible to do anything about your debt! So let’s […]