How to Avoid Six Common Budgeting Mistakes

Debt Payoff Planner - How to Avoid Six Common Budgeting Mistakes

Budgeting and financial planning are two things that go side by side. Whether you want to increase your savings or you’re looking for a debt management plan, you must make a proper budget.  People who have a budget make mistakes during the planning that derail their entire plans. They miss out on small things when […]

Debt Avalanche Strategy – The Quickest Way to Become Debt-Free

Debt avalanche prioritizes the highest APR loans

Does paying high-interest rates keep you up at night? If you’re in over your head in debt, but can’t seem to get out of it, the debt avalanche may be the answer. This aggressive, yet incredibly successful program prioritizes your debts, helping you get out of what some people call ‘toxic debt.’  If you’re looking […]