Debt Avalanche Strategy – The Quickest Way to Become Debt-Free

Debt avalanche prioritizes the highest APR loans

Does paying high-interest rates keep you up at night? If you’re in over your head in debt, but can’t seem to get out of it, the debt avalanche may be the answer. This aggressive, yet incredibly successful program prioritizes your debts, helping you get out of what some people call ‘toxic debt.’  If you’re looking […]

Pick One Thing and Work On It

Debt Payoff Planner – Pick One Thing and Work On It

I’ve worked with clients for a while now, and one thing I see over and over again is overwhelm. Our lives are so complicated, juggling family, work, leisure time (if we’re lucky!) a second job or business, kids, unreasonable customers… I don’t need to tell you this, you already know it. And the more we […]

The Origins of the Word “Mortgage”

Debt Payoff Planner – The Origins of the Word "Mortgage"

I ran across a little piece of information recently that stopped me in my tracks. Did you know that the word mortgage translates to death contract (or pledge) in French? Wow! If you are anything like me, that provokes a strong emotional reaction. To me, debts are a powerful tool, like a sharp knife. It can be used […]

Are You Afraid To Look At Your Debt?

Debt Payoff Planner – Are You Afraid To Look At Your Debt?

In my last post I wrote a bit about changing our perceptions about the inevitability of debt, but today I want to talk about a common problem people have with debt: Fear of looking at your debt. When you can’t look at your debt, it is impossible to do anything about your debt! So let’s […]

The Bank Of Mom And The Bank Of Dad

Debt Payoff Planner – The Bank Of Mom And The Bank Of Dad

As I have been working with the great people at Debt Payoff Planner, we have been having fun looking through data. One thing they pointed out to me was some interesting statistics relating to family loans. Often these loans are from a parent, which isn’t surprising, but something that did surprise me is some of […]

Is Debt A Universal Constant?

Debt Payoff Planner – Is Debt A Universal Constant?

“I’ll be in debt until I die.” “Everyone is in debt.” “I’ll always have a car loan. I can’t afford to buy a car with cash!” Debt is a universal constant, never to be escaped and never to be changed, like Death and Taxes, right? Over the years, I’ve noticed that there seems to be […]